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Dragon Queen (2021)

Mixing with your betters can get you killed. Dragons know this as does a certain maverick pilot and his researcher wife. It is possible to get thrown into events not of your own making in which you must do your best to survive. Meanwhile, somewhere not far from mainland Tasmania, there is an island. What is it like? Is it paradise or a hellhole? On this island the destiny of the dragon will be revealed.

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50 Dragons (2020)

Peace meant sacrifice, and Dreadnought had already sacrificed so much of himself. He was scarred from battle and felt numb from his pain as well as that of others. Then one day, Dreadnought came to stare into the eyes of the statue of King Kamehameha and drew strength from it. Other knights would note this and also draw what they could from the statue of a long-dead Hawaiian warrior. Amelia understood the angst Dreadnought felt as he got closer to his life goal. Would the High Ones allow his final victory and, if they did, what would then happen to him and his love Amelia?

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Ghost Dance (2016)

If Helen Kiln wanted a quiet, no-nonsense life she should never have become a psychic for the PSI division of the Sydney, Australia branch of the Secret Compass. Of late there were ghosts to sort out, vampires on the loose, a Gypsy warning to heed and a young man becoming a monster to befriend.

Frank Burkhard, the young man, and Petra Card, a female vampire, were expected in Worms (Voems), Germany where they were hopefully going to save the world. There was also a warlock out to save humanity by killing off a lot of people. In all of this Helen could envisage, through her powers, a dead man about to make a stand.

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Desk Job (2012)

Lewis Carroll’s Alice thought Wonderland was strange. Sarah Hollingsworth knew her adventures in Office-land were twisted and downright bizarre. The office of the 1990s was a hunting ground where the unprotected were bagged and disposed of. The trick was not to be one of them. Hawks flew high, mules slogged away on their computers and praying mantises searched for prey. Butterflies and moths danced in the neon light. And the old caterpillar looked on passively to various unfolding dramas. Meanwhile, mall rats and lika-lika birds, growing up in this decade, fervently hoped that everything about the office would become more civilized by the time they had to get a DESK JOB. Whether or not the office has really changed much since the 1990s I will leave to you, dear reader, to decide.

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Undead Reb Down Under Tales (2011)

What would things be like if there really were the unliving among us? It is suggested that you observe the following: Be an undead Confederate soldier in a British colony at the far end of the world. Meet the menace of the undead in the company of the Invisible Compass, an offshoot of Freemasonry or as a member of the Pinkerton Detective agency out of Chicago. Join the Rising Sun Group of modern day samurai and ninja as they strive to wipe out the walking cadaver. Delight in brutally eliminating a Big Aunty Twice Removed contestant show winner. Look into a demon’s heart, find out what a treasure beyond price might happen to be and discover why someone wants to kill the Jocks. Be sure you have a candle to light the way and, if you can’t play the game of empire, there’s always cold comfort to be had.

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Disco Evil: Dead Man’s Stand (2009)

When Paul becomes a vampire, he brings a new technique in curing people of bad manners. He will seek out the destroyers of make love, not war and drink their blood. In many cities of the world, he recruits from the living to aid him in his great work. As a walking corpse, he makes his stand – a dead man’s stand.

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